D. J. Nyman & Associates (DJNA), a consulting engineering firm in operation for 25 years in Houston, TX, specializes in the mitigation of natural and manmade hazards for oil and gas pipeline systems. Services include the development of seismic design criteria for pipeline systems, design of pipelines in geohazard areas (fault crossings, liquefaction, landslide, mining subsidence and karst), preparation of design procedures, failure investigations, and technical assistance with licensing issues and litigation. Key ingredients of pipeline geohazard mitigation include identification, characterization, assessment of rupture risk, pipeline/soil interaction analysis, development and application of strain-based design criteria, and weld strength and quality. DJNA also undertakes evaluations of pipeline lowering, upheaval buckling, close-in blasting, and external surface loads. 


DJNA is typically engaged by pipeline owners in their front-end engineering design to assure that adequate attention is given to geohazard identification, characterization and mitigation early in project to avoid costly schedule impact at a later date. Early attention to geohazards has the added benefit of facilitating effective interaction with regulators, government agencies, financiers, and other third-party organizations. DJNA often remains on projects through the detailed engineering phase to develop conceptual designs and to assist the engineering contractor with final design implementation (plans and specifications). 

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